Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any paid firefighters at the South Media Fire Company?

No, all of the firefighters at both South Media and Garden City are volunteers. We all have our day (or night) jobs, but are not paid for firefighting.

As a volunteer, are you assigned certain times when you have to respond?

Not really, no. We each do our best to respond as much as possible, but there’s no requirement that we sit at the station and wait for calls to come in during certain hours. That’s why it’s critical that people volunteer at their community fire department. The more volunteers we have, the better the chance that firefighters will be available to help when called on.

If I join, do I need to pay for training?

No, South Media Fire Company will pay for your training.

What types of emergencies to you respond to?

We respond to a wide variety of emergencies, such as building fires, vehicle fires, brush fires, vehicle accidents, downed power lines, medical emergencies, carbon monoxide alarms, gas leaks, fire alarms, hazmat incidents, elevator rescues, train crashes, children stuck in playground equipment and, of course, cats stuck in trees.  One of the great things about being a firefighter at South Media is that you never know what you’ll be called to help with next.

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